South Beach Casino Crowds Turning Away from the Wait

Manitoba's newest casino, the South Beach Casino, has been a resounding success exceeding the expectations when designed. The popularity and crowding have driven some customers away due to the long lines and waits to play.

Located on the Brokenhead First Nation near Grand Beach, The South Beach Casino just opened over a year ago.

The operators of the native-owned casino stated that customers are waiting so long to use the slot machines, that they often find themselves giving up and leaving instead of continuing to wait.

According to Furlon Barker, chair of the South Beach board, the casino currently only has a total of 300 Slot Machines and the casino is asking permission from the province to increase the number of its slot machines.

Barker told the CBC News that their goal is to double what they have at present. "We need at least a minimum of about 150 machines more to be able to accommodate the demand," he continued.

The Casino's request to acquire an additional number of Slot Machines so far was turned down by the Provincial Officials.

The Government made its point that if the casino wanted their approval they will have to wait until May 2007 before they will consider its request as it was set out in the Terms of their Agreement.


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