Advanced Casino Comps: What Happens After You Got One

Casino comps can make your gambling experience more pleasurable because you know that somehow you will get a free meal later on or you even do not need to worry about your room, because you got it for free through casino comps. Casino comps can be a very good advantage when you use your skills correctly and we will give you tips on advanced casino comps so that you can get even more out of you casino comps than you would have thought possible.

Whenever you sign up for a new club card, you should inquire at the club booth about the cash back rewards and you should inquire about how long it will take to get a certain amount of comps. Make sure that you get high percentages on cash back rewards and point distribution because in the end the difference really matters and you should opt for the casino that gives out the most in order to fully take advantage of the way you are handling your advanced casino comps knowledge.

You may also want to just stick to one or two casinos at a time because if you sign up for club cards at four different casinos or more, then it will only limit you to the smaller casino comps but not the high-level advanced casino comps that you would want to get. Stick to one or maximum of two casinos at a time to maximize your casino comps potential.

Another important tip for advanced casino comps collectors is to seek out a casino host. A casino host has the power to just write you casino comps without deducting any points from your club card. They will not always give you casino comps, but if you are nice to them and if they already know you, they surely will give you one or two casino comps that you can use. You should always give a token of gratitude to a host that has done you good service and this is what makes advanced casino comps collecting easier.

Always check your e-mails when you are planning a trip to a casino. The casinos oftentimes e-mail you their offers and comps and they also oftentimes mail you multiple offers such as free room and free registration in a poker tournament followed by a free $60 food coupon. These kind of multilevel offers are hard to refuse and should be taken advantage of. Remember that casino comps are supposed to keep you playing in a particular casino so use your wager wisely, because if you lose too much money, you might as well buy what you get with casino comps yourself.


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