Negative Quotations on Gambling

Out of so many quotations on gambling in the whole world, there are the ones who see gambling in a bad way only. This negative point of view might have been caused by people who are not really responsible with their gambling career.

One of these pessimistic quotations came from the British author William Bolitho:

"A gambler is nothing but a man who makes his living out of hope."

True, some gambling games like lotteries and bingo are won only through luck and prayers, and nothing else. But some gambling games like poker, for example, involves more than just luck and prayers. Poker is a gambling game which relies on the player's skills and the opponents' weaknesses.

Maybe Mr. Bolitho forgets to recognize other gambling games like poker, which require you to not only hope, but also to think and use your skills. It is not very good to generalize all forms of gambling, but that's just his opinion, everybody's entitled to his own, as I am entitled to my opinion that he got gambling wrong. You must acknowledge the fact that some gambling games cannot be won by just wishing.

Another negative quotation about gambling is from Jack yelton

"There is a very easy way to return from a casino with a small fortune: go there with a large one."

This gambling quotation erases the ones who have won big amounts of money in gambling from the picture. How about people like Annie Duke? She became rich because of poker, as well as many others. You only lose if you really suck at gambling, and you only suck in gambling if you are not careful and you do not study about gambling at all. There are people who were able to build houses and start their business because of their winnings in gambling.

It makes me sad when people choose to look at gambling in such a negative perspective. Why do they forget about those who became successful in the field of gambling? Why do they only choose to look at those who destroyed their lives, or only lost small money to gambling?

They should remember that there are always two sides to each story, even in gambling. The faults of some should not be taken against on everyone. That is just unfair to do that, and you would be eliminating the other possibilities that could happen in your gambling career, such as winning.


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