Online Mac Casino Wars

Bodog and Casino on Net is expected to be on the race to getting the most Mac casino players to side with their respective sites. The flash online casino on Casino on Net ( has been in existence for longer, making them have a form of lead in terms of familiarity with Mac online casino players. However, Bodog ( has a stronger sports betting player following.

Brand recognition among online casino players using Mac will be continually built by Casino on Net by keeping the software innovative and up to date. Bonus sign-up offerings are also kept at a constant and the figure rarely changes, but the site's offerings are reputed to be the best on the net with a $200 - 100 percent sign-up bonus as soon as the online casino players make their deposit.

With the scarcity of Mac compatible online casino software (as most casino software run only on Windows OS), the catering of Casino on Net to Mac users has always been one of its strongest points. Mac users who wish to play online casino will be greeted with a Mac specific web page as the site detects the Mac. The site's technical team was behind the development of this software and so far, no other site has implemented the same feature to their online casino.

But seeing the untapped potential of Mac online casino users, Bodog has been quick to come up with their own strategy to grab a share of the market. Their huge following in the sports market field gives them a good head start in terms of larger player database and marketing capital. On Bodog's site, the Mac online casino player can play casino games on the website itself as the Mac software is built into it using flash, enabling the Mac user to play a variety of games.

But Bodog still has the work cut out for them as Casino on Net hosts Pacific Poker's Mac compatible poker room Pacific poker has the reputation of being one of the top 3 most searched poker rooms on the internet, and more likely to increase with the now ongoing World Series of Poker.

The fight to corner the market of online Mac casino player is expected to continually heat up until the market is completely saturated. Online casino sites such as Casino on Net is capitalizing on the beginning trend on the market while there is still few competition around.

CompatiblePoker ( also has a large database of online Mac compatible casino and poker rooms that users can choose from.


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